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Rear spring

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Getting near the stage of mating my restored spitfire body tub to a gt6 rotoflex chassis (cv converted). Am I going to have issues with the rear sitting too high due to a stiffer gt6 spring? Or would a spitfire spring locate in the rotoflex hub carriers? Rather solve the issue with an exposed chassis, rather than change things with the body on. Thanks.

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I used a (very) used gt6 roto spring in my conversion, but added a 3/4" spacer block. Sits with a nice stance, bearing in mind the front is lowered too. All a bit of guesswork really, especially if a new spring which will settle a bit with use.


BTW don't connect the shocks until the spring is on! even then you may have to wait until the tub is fitted..

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Hey thanks Clive. The chassis/suspension/running gear is all restored & built. I also have fitted a 3/4" lowering block on the back, with 1" lowered springs at the front, so sounds like things will go nicely. Was just wondering if the gt6 spring wouldn't settle enough without the extra weight of the gt6 body on it, but you've answered that perfectly! Thanks.

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Front & rear suspension specs.htm




This data is from an article in Courier, many years ago.

My error it was not by John Thomason, but another authority, whose name escapes me.


The top link is an .htm file.  Click on it and it will open and be even clearer to read then the second, the image file.


You can see, I hope that while the GT6 spring is stiffer, it is also flatter, (Lower free height) so is unlikely to make your car stand on its toes.

If you don't like the stance, then a spacer as said above.



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