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Dim indicators


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Hi folks.


Went to a classic show at weekend.


A bloke who parked next to me, reckoned my front indicator was very dim as I was following him. Didn't seem too bad to me but not sure.


I think I checked and cleaned the lenses and reflectors a bit back.


Do bulbs need changing after a while regarding this anyone know.


Advice much appriciated.


Cheers, Dave 

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Dave, not quite sure what you mean? :wacko:


I don't know what car you've got but on some there are different models of bulb holder. One has two connectors, Live and earth. The earth connector goes to a dedicated earthing point. If you've got that, the earthing point is where to check. The second type has one connector for live and relies on the metal body of the holder earthing to the body of the car.  This last one is the most troublesome, if that's what you've got either clean up the area around the holder or consider changing to the two connector holder.


Also a good idea to check the earthing strap from the battery, they can look fine but may not be!

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I know this won't be the problem but I was following my son in his Jap sports car and both his rear flasher/brake light were dim. I immediately thought of the earth, so when he got home I checked all the earths, but they were good, so I checked the bulbs, some one had fitted 24volt bulbs. This particular car has a tendency to relatively frequently blow its rear bulbs a problem with the model maybe that's why the 24v bulbs were fitted, not by me??

Just shows what can happen at a service, by a reputable manufacturer.


Peter T

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