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Recommend interior trimmer please


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I'm looking to change all the interior trim of my GT6 Mk2.  Anyone recommend the best place to go i.e want it to look original!  Looking for a company that goes the extra mile. 


I'm on the Wirral but willing to transport the car anywhere.


Apologies, I'm sure this must have been asked before (but couldn't find anything).


Many thanks



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Hello Rich.


As a first port of call it would be worth contacting / going to your local TSSC area meeting - plenty of knowledge within such groups and of course worth being a member of area units to support the marque plus the other benefits of associating with like minded owners. I'm sure there is a local area unit to you. 


Looking outside that then I would suggest either Newton Commercial www.newtoncomm.co.uk or Aldridge Trimming www.aldridge.co.uk


Aldridge tend to focus on the TR range but they also cater for other makes & models, so nothing lost in speaking with them and certainly a good point of reference.


Good luck.



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Coverdale are also very good.


I understand Owen at Parklaneclassics is back at work and concentrating on the big jobs to maximise his revenue.


However, both these produce the carpets and you fit them. Sounds like Rich wants someone to manufacture AND fit. 

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