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Changing bushes

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A bit of advise please, thinking of changing my rubber bushes to poly. Questions

1 are poly bushes worth the extra cost.

2 what is the best way to remove the old bush and push in the new bushes as I have not got a press and the poly buses seem to have a lip on each end

3 this is the bit I do not understand, the old rubber bushes have they got a metal outer sleeve that is in contact with the suspension unit, and do the poly bushes have the same because the pictures on various web sites do not show a outer metal sleeve and also on some web sites the poly bushes look like that split for ease of insertion. If the old rubber bushes have a metal outer sleeve is it an issue to remove this as I assume it rusts itself to the suspension unit?


Sorry for a long question but before I start I would like to know what I am taking on



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Hi Andrew , just completing the same polybush change on the rear on my vitesse rotoflex The only section with an outer metal bush was the transverse Spring . This bush can be pushed out with a long 19mm socket using a large vice . All the other bushes were removed without much difficulty using suitable sized sockets together with the vice . My vice being a record with a large throat .


Adding the replacement polybushes was easier than I thought it would be using soapy water , simply force in the polybush then the metal bush .


Forgot to add , I didn't do the diff bushes as they had already been done so don't know the makeup


Hope this helps


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Or most bushes can be dragged out with aselection of sockets washers couple of nut and a length of

studding from the local, diy store


metalastic bonded bushes have the outer sleeve as Paul says in the spring eye all others are

rubber with a light press fit into its fitting often with a fixed or removable inner crush tube


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As to your other questions, poly last longer, so if you keep the car, the extra outlay is worth it. I'm told poly on it's own improves the suspension. I did my shockers at the same time so I can't say.


My poly were difficult to get on, I had to drag my vice round the back of the car to squeeze them in.


Also, mine squeaked! It lasted for about six months, others have also encountered this but it doesn't happen to everybody.

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