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Coming back to the TSSC


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I joined the TSSC back in 1984 at the tender age of 16 when I brought a mk3 spitfire. That was my first car, which I kept until I was 22. I then brought a TR4a in 1991, which I still drive today.


Foolishly I changed membership to the TR Register (TSSC didn't cater for TRs back in them days).


Well I'm coming back to the TSSC. The average age of the TR Register is about 65 to 70 now, and it's a bit like being part of an old folks home!!


Looking forward to a younger crowd that doesn't take life too seriously.


Went to the Gloucester meet last night and had a warm welcome. Looking forward to meeting more members and getting out in the car.

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Don't want to knock those who have retired, but I've still a long way to go before I reach that point. 20 years to retirement, mortgage, 3 kids at home and 6 cars in the garage, drive and road. The TR Register is just full of retired members, think it was only me that did work, hence the need for a change.


One of the deciding factors was there reluctance to use technology. My local group still communicated via a paper newsletter posted to all members. Every year I ask if they wanted to move to perhaps email to save costs, and they always said no. Some didn't have email! They had no idea what FaceBook or websites were.


Thank god for the TSSC

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we have collected a lot of Stag and TR members locally as we're all a bit daft and happy ....its getting Doug to realise were not out to poach any Thames  squaddies .....ha !

I send e mails to around 103 locals , often with mis spelled. wrong dates , dead links but i can type 3000 letters a minute but not in the right order

so techy is not a problem to us seniors  if you ignore the P**s Takes



"thank god for the TSSC"


is he a member  .....?????



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