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Driveshaft uj's


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Yes,it needs to be tight in there. You need some oversize circlips....buy plenty, see what you can get in there. Sometimes one, sometimes 4.

If the yoke is worn and the cup can turn, the yoke or shaft will need replacing. Bit worrying that the cup moves by hand.

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Yes sounds its worn,

trouble with a hand press is it could be a nice fit with zero clearance or rattling fit, they are generally a light press fit in a vice or

you fight the things all round the workshop tight fit

Some cups do rotate in the yoke in use ,,,,but most are tight .


Canley sell thicker clips to reduce any end float , but that wont resolve a loose fitting cup diameter


if the cup is an easy fit but has no clearance , use it and keep an eye or ear on any deterioration



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