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GT6 MK3 Interior Light switches


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Hi guys,


I am In need of some help with the electrics on my 72 GT6 MK3, I have soldered one side of the interior light switches, however when I went to solder the other one the RH drivers side interior light switch there were 2 purple and white wires which are identical.. I was just wondering what I should do? Should I connect one and snip the other one? why is there 2??


If anyone can provide me with some help that would be much appreciated. I have attached pics below.


Ps im not good with electrics :P


Kind regards,





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There are four switches, l/h door, r/h door, boot and dashboard. There are two lights, interior and ignition key. They are all connected together by purple and white, so it makes sense to loop p/w on where possible, rather than have five connections to one point. So I think the interior light loops on to the boot switch and the r/h door switch loops on to the ignition key light. Then there are three connections to the dashboard switch, l/h door, r/h door and interior light?

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