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fitting poly bushes

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I'm fitting new blue poly bushes to my spitfire; and just fitted the ones to the leaf springs.


Having first fitted the poly bush; then inserted the steel tube; the polybush is now extended somewhat from the spring.


I presume somebody has done this before; so any suggestions as to what to do/what I did wrong?


Much appreciated




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Hi I think you have left the outer metal bush in the spring . I used a 19mm long socket to remove the metal bush on my MK 2 vitesse , rotoflex

Hope this helps



Ps Ive got the teashirt see pic 

Hmm, I think you maybe right there!  Seems the Standard bushes have a metal outer sleeve; whilst the polybushes don't!


That might explain why they were so Fing hard to get in in the first place!


Will try one tonight and see how I get on.


Thanks for the advice.



You were right; thanks. Had to cut them; then use a chisel to get them out!  Not doing that again in a hurry!

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