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Fuel tap on Vitesse


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Hi folks


Have just obtained a generic inline fuel tap to fit between the tank and  main fuel line for the Vitesse as possible anti theft device (as car parked a bit vulnerably at the mo).


A couple of questions please.


The bore of the stubs on the filter is approx 4mm. Will this be enough to supply fuel at all revs (as I under stand that lack of fuel at high revs. can do damage to engine).


What typical distance would the car do on a probably cold engine (If it was nicked by would be thieves) with fuel cut off from the tank on start up.


Any advice great please.


Cheers, Dave



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Presume you are saying 4mm ID ??


I think 4mm is too narrow for what you require, 8mm would be more suitable; less than that and you will have fuel delivery problems.


As for distance travelled, bearing in mind that the twin carbs have a fuel bowl and if you have an in-line filter, plus fuel in the line I reckon about a few hundred yards; depending where you site the tap.


You may find taking off the HT King Lead and one of the spark plug leads will be easier.


The other option and often overlooked, even by owners trying to start their own car, is the thin wire (red & white ??) that goes to the solenoid - not an obvious place to look.


You can be certain the car is not going anywhere with the above !!





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Any imobilising idea is worthwhile providing you remember to refit, turn on, connect up

before you find the car wont start


remember my dad talking about removing the rotor in the war as cars had to be imobilised and they pushed the car through the town some 4 miles to home, on putting hands in to get the front door key

......find the rotor arm


theres a lesson there




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 when I bought my 13/60 it came fitted with a shut off on the petrol line just after the tank, I've used this once maybe twice as it means going into the boot to operate it.

It also came with a cut out switch on ignition system hidden . . . I do use this from time to time and 3 out of 4 times forget to reset it after. :unsure:


I guess if I used it more oftern I would automatically reset it when I returned to the car but then I wouldn't feel so stupid when I realise why the car hasn't started :rolleyes: would I.

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