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Rostyle Hubcaps

Steve Polden

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Hi I have a Mk2 Vitesse with Rostyle hubcaps. Only one ever fitted well, then I noticed that the depth of the fixing rim on the back were different depths, the one that fiited well has a depth of around 15mm. I thought I have found a good set at Stoneleigh at the weekend, but on getting them home, I found that these have an even shallower rim (around 12mm)and don't stay on.


Does anyone know what the car the 12mm rims are from (so I can potentially sell them) or whether it's possible to source the fixing rim to swap them over or alternative fixing methods?



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To my Knowledge there are Actually 4 types of Rostyle trims as listed below:


1. 2.5PI These are for 13" Diameter Wheels these originally had a Leyland Logo Badge in the middle, (Sometimes just a 5mm Diameter hole in the centre if replacements?)


2. GT6 Mk2 & Vitesse MK2 ones again for 13" wheels no Hole in the centre and a slightly different offset and Fixing rim.


3. Stag these are for 14" Wheels and again have the hole in the middle, but they have a bigger/elongated hole for the tyre valve, presumably for the 14" Rims? The Early Stag ones have the Satin Black painted sections but the later ones are finished in a Satin Siver/grey colour?


4. TR5 & Early TR6 Trims these are for 15" Wheels, again no hole in the centre, but these are bigger diameter about 16.5".


You can get the PI Trims to fit the Vitesse and GT6 Rims but they are fit tight up to the Tyre/Rim and have an habit of flying off if cornering hard :o


I suspect you may have the stag trims, have they got a elongated Hole for the Tyre Valve? 

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Thanks everybody, they do have a hole in the middle, with a Triumph centre badge, no elongated hole, so suspect they are 2.5PI. Gary above says they will fit - is that just a case of some 'gentle' persuasion? I'm assuming there is no source of the Vitesse/GT6 fixing rim to swap them across?

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The PI Trims definetly fit on the standard 4.5J Vitesse rims.


Have you got standard VItesse rims fitted still?


Here's a Picture of my old Vitesse fitted with the PI Trims.


I made up a Top hat shaped bracket that was held to the Wheel via two of the Wheel nuts, I then tapped a 2 BA Thread in the centre of this and used a 2 BA Stainless Dome headed screw to hold the Wheel trim on to the bracket through the centre hole that normally takes the leyland badge?


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