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Shock absorber bump stops.

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Been trying to find shock absorbers for the rear of my Mk1 Vitesse which has a half inch lowering block fitted, the standard ones are to long when compressed. Had some old Armstrong units so cut the top shield off removed most of the bump stop and used a few tack welds to refit the shield. As they travel over the increased stroke as normal cannot see this as a problem unless someone knows different.

Both Gaz and Spax will only offer shock absorbers with the required stroke and maximum length without bump stops.





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If you have lowered it, then it is especially important to fit the Rear shock converision extenders. https://shop.tssc.org.uk/product/rotoflex-rear-shock-conversion  (Ouch! the cost!)

Otherwise you will suffer even more from falling damper rate as the suspension compresses.

These extenders will mount the dampers more vertically.


Then, or before then, speak to Jigsaw.

Mark can supply Avos with the proper length.



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From my problem with a ever sinking swinger on a saloon Gaz made up some shorter same stroke units

quite cheaply but the downward trend was unstopable. Things just got worse

with 10deg neg camber and no ride just a go kart ,

the spring kit was a disaster.


so maybe have a look at the gaz website you can spec your own dimensions



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