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Herald Bonnet catch modification


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Just thought I'd share a slight mod my mate Rob came up with for the bonnet Catch on my 13/60.


My latest Herald suffered from the classic "Bonnet catch pops open when going along" syndrome.


In order to prevent this we have angle grinded a small radius on the catch for the roller to sit it - this holds it much better and prevents it popping open (see pic)


Don't go too mad with the grinder though otherwise you'll never get the bonnet open again !


The purists may not approve, but my bonnet has not popped open for the last year so I'm very pleased.







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The Bonnet Locks were a Triumph option, either fitted at the factory or by the dealer. The fitting information is contain in the Triumph workshop manual. In the Herald, Spit, Vitesse 6 manual on page 5.250. In the GT6, Vitesse 2 Litre models on page 5.248V. It will also be available in the Herald 13/60 manual at the end of the Body Section.



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but the locking plate is a feeble bit of tin,, most seem to just bend with if the unkowing lift a hadle


but if cones are good and correctly set together with the hook adjusted they dont pop open.


many worn ones look similar to your ground relief mod.


to be more secure you need to close the ends of the J hook , as a simple shove of the bonnet rearwards/forwards will let the hook pop out of the side of the J bracket


the J hook is hardened, and is height adjustable on the bauklhead



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