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spitfire windows and roof


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I know this might seem stupid but I can't work out how the hood is supposed to sit with the windows all the way up on my spitfire. I would ve thought the roof sits outside the windows but with the windows up this doesn't look like it will work. I'll hasten to add this is a resto and it'll be the first time it's had a roof for many years...

Just want an idea how it works.


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Not stupid at all, a perfectly reasonable question. With the doors closed and the windows up, the glass sits on the outside of the roof material. Makes it easier for wind and rain to enter the cabin...

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Welcome to classic car ownership!  This was the standard (sic) way of soft top design at the time, if you have a look at Sprites/Midgets you will see the same arrangement.  The glass should sit against a longer piece of material on the hood aperture with a shorter flap that overhangs the glass to direct the rain outside. However, material and frame distortion over time means this does not always occur.


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if the glass was inside the roof you cant open the doors    clever anti theft of sorts and saves fuel as you cant get in  Ha !


the roof gutters vary a lot from the various suppliers some have a good well defined stitched on gutter trim some have a appalling shallow and useless ,  have a look around at shows its a minefield of who's make is best

the  'convertible'  designs of the day were just a rain cover , not like a modern which guys expect to be water tight



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think youre about to find out,  sorry never stripped one only fought to get them up or down


if its vinyl hood its most likely shrunk and wont fit anymore,


if you need a replacement the mohair are  a more expensive but  much longer lasting hood 



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