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Thinking of buying a TR4


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Hello all,

I've just joined as a new member, but used to be a TSSC member way back in the early 80s when I had my much loved Spitfire 1500 (PNA 892R) followed by a Triumph Stag (FAL 148J). I loved both cars but always lingered after a TR4 and all these years later I still do!

So, after nearly 40 years out of the loop and without a Triumph the search is on for a good TR4. The first thing that has stuck me given that they are fairly thin on the ground and the massive price variations. It seems I could pay anything from £12,000 to £38,000 for a TR4. Most, as would be expected, have been restored at some point in their lives. I've not been to see any in the flesh yet, but there are, what look like, good mid 60s examples around the £18000-£20000 mark.

My first question would be, how much should I expect to pay given the huge price variations? Like I say, I'm a out of the classic loop but I would expect a 'good' car for £18/20,000, so what is gained by spending another £10-15,000?

The general price trend seems to be up every year but how much would you say prices have increased by from say 5 ago?

I'm sure there will be many more questions as the search progresses!!


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Page 58 of the August Courier shows the insurance valuations of club cars.This is what you'll get if your car's wiped out! These are insurance valuations so expect to pay a bit less.


The valuation lasts two years, so at the end your car will likely be under valued. The valuation form has brief explanations of what the A1, A2 etc classifications mean.

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its not easy to work out whats best , what you pay what you get and how it turns out are all a bit 'variable'


as my dad said they have more reason to sell it than you have to buy it,    if you spend that  sort of value then a AA type inspection is probably worthwhile ,


Ive looked at a good few cars for members with open eye for how it looks and the basic competence of what you can view 

some have turned out as expected others are a long list of now whats  as past poor history emerges 

sheeps and wolves come to mind , with these  high values stick to club cars rather than cars being traded on for profit


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I've been ruminating over whether I should stick with my GT6 or change it for 'something else'.


As such, amongst others I've been looking at most of the TR range. You are right, prices are all over the place.


The classic car market has gone crazy in the last five years or so. Some of the prices being asked are very 'aspirational' in my opinion.


I've noticed that with one or two notable exceptions the expensive cars don't appear to be selling all that quickly.


I'm curious to see what will happen in the autumn when I expect more cars to come onto the market after 'one last summer'.......

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Hi Rob,

I have owned Heralds, Spitfires and a Stag.... I had always fancied a TR4 and when I had run out of interesting things to do with the Stag decided to do something about it.


I, like you, discovered that there are rarely many for sale .... I had an empty garage for nearly a year after selling the Stag!


Things I learnt..... price depends very much what you are after, the very expensive ones usually fall into two categories; incredibly original or extensively (and properly) restored.


Good stuff can be found in the £18-22k range, but you will need to be very patient, or very lucky.

With the greatest respect to the TSSC, the classifieds don't tend to carry many examples of TR's.... the TR Register classifieds are probably a better hunting ground. (I'm a member of both)


If you are attending local meetings then word-of-mouth is your friend, put the word out and see what pops up.


Classic car weekly sometimes has some good ones..... with all adverts it is always good to watch the market for a few months to gauge which cars have been on the market for a while, that will help you gauge why that may be the case or whether a deal can be had.


good luck with the search, I found one eventually, so it can be done :)


...... Andy

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Thank you guys for the quick replies and great advice. From the searching I've done so far, I can kind of feel it may take a while to find the right car. Thanks Andy for the heads up on the TR register, I'm off there now for a search  :)


The other thing I noticed is that if I rule out red as a colour, I'm not left with much!!

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The classified choice is better int he TRAction magazine, not too much on the Forum classifieds - not at the moment anyway.


You are right about the colours.... i was looking for White, Royal Blue or Power Blue -  my car is Signal Red :)


..... Andy 

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