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Cost of Engine Rebuild?

Dave C

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I would guess about £250 to remove/refit engine, plus whatever engine work is done. If your engine really needs a full rebuild (ie rebore, crank and cam etc) that is about 2K. However, if you use asomebody who knows what they are doing, the bores may just need a hone and re-ring, the cam may be fine, indeed the crank may be fine just need a reshell. Any/all may apply


You do not need a triumph specialist. These cars are not complicated and any decent classic friendly garage can do the remove/refit, the machining work is usually put out to an engineering shop. However, do your research on what components they use.


While the engine is out there may be a few other bits that may be worth doing. Clutch if worn is the obvious one (again try to find a laycock or proper NoS Borg and Beck as opposed to the new B+B ones that are just not the same)

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Fully agree with Clive's comments.  If you have the time, space etc this is not beyond the keen amateur as long as you recognise your own weaknesses as well as strengths; do not attempt something beyond your own capabiliites and the only daft question is the one you did not ask.

Not sure where in the country you are but I am sure local group can provide details of a local Triumph/classic friendly garage and useful machine shop.  If I have had to use others then I tend to opt for me supplying the parts, usually Club Shop, Jigsaw or Canleys, so I know the standard of parts being being used.


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