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New member and New owner


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I guess my story is similar to other members on here. My best mate at Collage  had a mark 4 spit and at 19 years old I fell in love with it. Always loved classics and old things in general, that’s just who I am. Always been a history buff and love anything with a story to tell. 

So my aim was to own my own spit by 30. Wife two kids later no car so new aim was 40. New wife more kids and still no car. Next date set by 50 I’ll have the car. Well due to an unfortunate turn of events I find my self in a position to be able to afford the car and the mind set to realise life’s to short to wait. So now at 45 years old I decided to start looking. Mark 4 or even 5 was my starting point but then a lovely mark 1 showed its face. Obviously a price difference but I thought why not it’s part investment and part dream come true. 

Yep I’ll overwinter her in storage because that’s sensible and respectful for what I have but once the gritters have gone she will be my daily driver. Commuting and other local trips she will be out and about so I can enjoy my ownership. 

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10 hours ago, AndyTV8 said:

Welcome to the TSSC and forum, nice story and choice, I’m sure you will enjoy your new car.... they get better with use so don’t let it rest too long! 

...... Andy 


Yes run a few old bikes. Not exactly classics but leave them and the carbs gum up and electrics start having a mind of their own :D

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