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With less than four weeks to go form V112, need to claim Vehicle of Historic interest and MOT exemption, is still not modified to include 40 year old cars. 

Worryingly the .gov.uk page says: 

A list of exempt types of vehicles is on form V112. You need to fill in the form if your vehicle is listed so that you can tax it.

I've not noticed the second sentence before which implies we have no choice, we MUST claim VHI to get taxed.




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Doug, Not sure as the Historic (classic) vehicles: MOT and vehicle tax page states the following.

Apply for a vehicle tax exemption

Apply at a Post Office that deals with vehicle tax.

You need to take:

  • the log book (V5C) in your name
  • your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11), if you have one
  • an MOT certificate that’s valid when the tax starts, or evidence if your vehicle’s exempt from an MOT (V112)
  • an insurance certificate or cover note (only in Northern Ireland)

This implies Tax Exemption is still available if you wish to keep having an MOT and don't go down the V112 route.

All very convincing.


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38 minutes ago, DanMi said:

From what I understand most of our cars are already tax free and will remain so, then when we renew the tax we can just tick a box to get MOT exemption. Forms only needed when first applying for tax free status.

I agree, it only applies to cars that are not yet tax free. However, there still are a number of people with cars that are not tax free and will need to apply at the given time. Hopefully all of us will be able to retain and obtain the tax free status, and have the option of an MOT.


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I imagine that the updated form will be released on the day the new rules come into affect and not before, otherwise there will be even more confusion and a risk that people will assume their 40 year old car is MOT exempt before 20th May.

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