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Captain Tolley's sealent


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I have used it on a boat and on my motorhome windows, but not on a car.


In general it seals fine line cracks and gaps very well (for example if rubbers or gaskets have dried out and cracked), but if the crack is big enough to see through then it is runny enough to simply flow through without sealing.

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in the factory these are all sealed with black bostic  effectively sold in places like BQ as gutter sealant 

cheap malleable , fills everthing , pipe it in with  a cartridge gun,  scrape of excess wipe off wit h white spirit

 pipe it into the seal with a cartridge gun   at    £2.28p   enough for about 3 cars 

ROOF MATE - Roof & Gutter Sealant (size: BLACK)

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Again from my motorhome usage, I recommend the Tremco sealants in particular Vulkem 116, the windows in our Airstream are held in with it!

For more general purpose sealant (e.g. running a bead between panels when bolting together) I use Sikaflex 221.


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8 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

thats good for bonded but triumphs are not bonded , its in a soft rubber seal needs some degree of flexibility 

its old fashioned glass, rubber and metal in no particular order

need gunge not glue 



My Airstream is the same Pete, the screens aren't bonded, they are regular glass, rubber gasket with a locking bead, on to metal. The body is aluminium and so the rubber to metal needs a little help and the Vulkem is a non-setting/semi flex polyurethane mastic that is messy to work with but does a good job.

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