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crank endfloat


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I'm overhauling my engine at the moment and with new Std thrust washers the crank end float is 8 thou (0.102 - 0.203 mm) the spec in the text of the manual says in the text 4 - 8 thou (0.102 - 0.203 mm) but in the dimension and tolerances table it says 4-6 thou (0.1 - 0.15mm)

Which max figure is correct?????

next dilemma.... 

The oversize thrust washers come in + 0.005" so that would give me an end float of 0.003" which 1 thou under the minimum spec.

Do people lap the back (non white metal surface) of thrust washers to get the required minimum clearances????????

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Given that the thrust washers are only available in 5 thou oversizes, the 4-8 figure is the only one you can work to. If you exceed 8 (i.e. get to 9) then an oversize thrust puts you back at 4. Simples ?

Actually, I suspect it wouldn't take long for one thou of wear if you put the oversize in to get 3 thou initial end float.

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I echo that 

My 2000 had one wrong way round  dont ask about the state of the crank,   the 0.018"  looked like 1/4"  visual  

Just bedded a oversize replacememt and monitoring where the wear takes it ...so far so good.

Nothing wrong with a scroll    it  cant wear out  .




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I wouldn't lap the back, too much trouble which could do more harm than good. I would go with 3 thou, as Rob says they wear quick enough. I joined the 1/4" end float club when I bought my car, long before Pete, I have the vintage T shirt. :lol:


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