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Bearing Size Non Rotoflex

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Is the swing axle set-up the same as the Spitfire etc? I think the bearings are the same?

If they are then yes, they are standard bearings. I managed to pick up some NOS bearings kits that had RHP bearings in, but with the bearing numbers you should be able to get decent quality from a bearing factors (although you'd have to source seals etc separately if needed)

According to my Spitfire notes:

Outer GHB117: RHP LJ1  or SKF RLS8
1 x 2.1/4 x 5/8"

Inner: B-168 (needle roller bearing)

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they are all the same except when it comes to drive shaft lengths  the 1500 swinger had 1/2" longer shafts 

havnt looked to see if the late GT6 had the same long ones used   but rear swing axle  bearings and diameters are  all std. across the whole small chassis range

its really best to never fit a shaft on its opposite side they develop a torsional memory and reversed rotation will turn up with a crack and ultimate catastrophic failure  quite quickly


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