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Dizzy gear end float


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Following on from guppy’s oil issue I decided to check the end float on my dizzy drive tonight. 

Pulled out the dizzy, removed the pedestal and removed the existing gaskets. 

Pulled the drive gear out, Slipper a washer over the drive end and dropped it back in again. 

Refitted the pedestal nipping up the nuts and measured the gap with feelers and got 52thou in the gap. 

Removed the washer and measured it’s thickness and it was 60thou - I used a dial gauge because my calipers don’t do thou ?. Then I checked the feeler thickness and they measured 56 thou. 

So by my calculations I don’t need any gaskets in - but I put the thinnest I have which is 6thou so that’s an endfloat of 10thou which is too big? I did measure the gasket thickness using the dial gauge in the same way and it came in at 4thou. So on that basis it’s about 1thou too big a gap  

So Does it need a gasket? 

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