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GT6 Rear Trunnion Lubrication

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Whilst my GT6 Mk3 is having it's annual service and inspection we noticed that the nearside rear trunnion had a grease nipple fitted whereas the offside had no nipple or even drilling for a nipple .  Can anyone advise which is correct for a 1971 Rotoflex GT6 Mk3, please ? 

The offside trunnion bushes also look very suspect so I will probably have these replaced pdq. 




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Not standard. I would say its been put there to stop the long bolt from rusting in, which can be a problem when you rebuild the Rotoflex set-up. Its doubtful it would lubricate the trunnions.

I always use copper grease on the bolt when re-assembling.


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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

Nick  theres a strange similarity with yours and the one you posted as stolen

Ha  !   you got a spare now ???


Pete,  It had been noticed. I didn't want a posse of vigilantes chasing me as the suspected car thief!



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