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Old Newbie .

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Morning good folk . I've been a long time member of the club - since 1985 I think , but only just got round to signing up for the forum . I have had one or two Heralds for brief periods over the years , a 12/50 and 13/60 saloon , but my one long term car has been my MkII Vitesse which I have owned since around 1977 I think . I also have some other toys - too many according to my lovely wife - although admittedly , fewer than I used to , it just looks like more as they are mostly in a million bits ! . I am now down to a 1936 Morris 10cwt truck , a Hotchkiss Jeep , Ford Falcon XC Ute , Mercedes Unimog 406 , a fairground showmans  caravan , and my Triumph Daytona 1200 motorcycle . Oh , and an Asquith Shetland  .

The Vitesse has , for various reasons , been off the road for some time . I had hoped this summer was going to see it back where it belongs but work , illness and being right royally mucked about by Rimmers has put paid to those plans . Hopefully , next summer for definite .

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Hello Dave,. Welcome to a friendly and helpful forum. I agree with Paul it would be good to see some pictures. If you have read some of the posts you will have gathered the forum is not totally about fixing stuff. We do also have a habit of drifting off subject, good fun. 


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OK , here are the first couple . Obviously number one is the jeep . I always said that I wasn't bothered about having a jeep as the world is full of the things . It's a bit of a long story but I bid on this one when it came up on the bay of e because it was one of the jeeps used in Captain America - The First Avenger . I probably wouldn't have got it had it not been for the wives of the two top bidders telling them that they weren't buying it and making them  pull their bids !

 Number two is the Morris ten hundredweight pretty much as it stands now . I'm in the process of rebuilding the cab , the remains of the original having been thrown from one side of the garden to the other in the storm of 1987 - it was pretty poorly before that......afterwards....not so good ! 

Captain America rally ready 002.JPG

Morris 10cwt & Bons 013.JPG

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Been having a trawl this afternoon and realised that most of my old photos are now unavailable as they are on an old computer or stored in a non functioning storage device !

Anyway - here's another couple . First is the Mercedes-Benz Unimog . It's a 1974 model 406 (short wheelbase)aircraft tractor . It served with the German military and once demobbed came over here . I'd been after another much better one which was sold out from under me and this one has been only one of two or three to come up for sale since . It looks much better in the pic than it does in reality. They are renowned for rusting and this one is no exception.

The second is the Falcon . I was looking for a Chevrolet El Camino and came across this whilst searching . I had really rose tinted specs on the day I bought this one . It had been comprehensively butchered but I loved the style of it and the fact that it is right hand drive and when the lad who owned it started it up the sound and feel of the 5litre V8 reeled me in . It's another complete rot box , the rad was held in with cable ties and a couple of blocks of wood and the welding on the engine mounts has to be seen to be believed . It's now almost down to a bare shell and I have spent a small fortune on shipping panels over from Oz for the rebuild .



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Not surprised mate . The Vitesse has been off the road for around twelve years now , it's a wedgewood saloon if you've ever seen it . The others have all come here by transporter of one variety or another . I'm out towards the coast , halfway between town and Mersea .

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