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dummy wire wheel spinners for mkiv

Philip M

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Hello All - I have purchased a fantastic set of spitfire wire wheels - the ones with the 4 holes that can be easily fitted. They don't have centre pieces and I've heard somebody once made dummy spinners for them... I'd ideally like to buy a set as my engineering skills are non-existent, but have no idea where to look.  

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2 hours ago, Colin Lindsay said:

That's a centre cap, as opposed to a spinner. 

Just cut the end off the can and use that (the end without the ring pull unless you like that look)


I presumed the OP wanted proper spinners?

That looks a waste of good beer Colin.... The can was'nt opened first :( 


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1 hour ago, Colin Lindsay said:

Emergency kit, Tony - open in the event of a breakdown. Just hope it's the AA that get to you first.

Of course for a wheel centre you could always use those 'fidget spinner' thingies that the kids play with, but just don't park near a school or they'll be gone in a flash.


Which AA Colin? Acoholics anonymous, or the real AA :) 

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