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    1976 Spitfire with a 2500 engine and a D-Type OD.

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  1. Plast-Aid works well. It's the 2 part powder/solvent stuff. Starts off liquid, then goes maluable like putty and finally sets hard. Especially good on hard plastics that other glues don't grab very well or for fabricating small plastic items or snapped off bits.
  2. I'm not sure those Cobra Super Slots are doing it any favours. And 'best ever' ought to have a matching factory hardtop? Triumph made great looking tops, personally I think the tr6 and the spit look better with them than without, certainly nicer than a raised soft top.
  3. That's auctions I guess, I'm not sure if that firm do much high profile online marketing. Looks like someone got a good deal. Mind you there's probably another 20% on top in fees.
  4. I'd go for the same colour as the car, especially in the footwells. I can't quite believe how 'trendy' the forum's getting with aux led lighting...you'll be having lights under the car next 😉
  5. I don't know what the grading system is but I'd be very suprised if that stated with an A. And if it did that wouldn't say much for the grading system imo. Bearing in mind that sellers use the best pictures they can, it looks rough inside and out to me. And what you can see of the mechanicals looks long overdue some tlc too. At least an engine that rusty shows it doesn't chuck oil all over I suppose. I don't follow prices for these but my gut feeling would be to offer 1,900 and not budge an inch. Even then I'd be crossing my fingers....2nd thoughts I don't think I'd bother. I especially enjoyed the owner's request for "NO boy racers"... it's 1300 spit mate, I don't think they'll be fighting their way to Truro to have a go. 🙄
  6. Thanks for the comments about AIV. I'm genuinely always happy to be corrected. The phrase 'payout in the event of total loss' is mentioned, doesn't that imply that you would be compensated for the loss you'd incurred? In legalese 'made whole'. Insurance doesn't usually provide you with a windfall and replacing your car 'like for like' must surely take the cost of doing that into consideration. I must say that I find it hard to differentiate between the words 'value' and 'price' in this context. An item's value is the same as what the item costs in the mind of this particular man on the Clapham omnibus. If I can buy apples for 20p how could they be valued at 30p?
  7. Isn't it possible that values might have gone down generally? Two years ago even the pound notes in my bank were worth more than they are now, so I'd expect a frivolous luxury item to be similarly affected. I realise we've seen some rather ambitious asking prices for cars lately but it's less clear how much these cars are actually realising.
  8. I think not having working locks would be an issue for the insurance company... If they ever found out, and pointless as they are. I have to agree about the headphones. You need all 5 senses in a classic and at any given time several of them will be making you concerned. It does actually make sense to become intimate with every little (normal) noise, vibration or smell your car has, and then when there a difference you can spot it quickly rather than continuing in blissful ignorance until it stops you.
  9. Pardon? I can't hear you over the noise from your exhaust. 😆 I've got a semi-sport on my Spit6 and it's a bit Carlos Fandango tbh. I'm embarrassed letting it tick over for 10mins on the drive when I'm looking for leaks etc, and equally embarrassed at the lights when I set off slower than a smart car and louder than a Lamborghini. I've concluded an understated purr and a surprising whoosh would more classy. It's sort of the same idea French women use. They'll say they're 10 yrs older than they are, so that people say how good they look. I'd like people to think it's surprisingly quick for something that sounds so refined, rather than how slow it is for something so loud.
  10. I can't agree about 'top hat' covers. I got one and the elastics went saggy after a month and it blows up like a parachute. And being small it's tricky to get it lashed down properly with ropes. I can't quite decide whether it's best to have a full cover or just treat it like you did when they were new, ie no cover and drop the windows (or roof) on any good day for doing the washing, to keep it aired. Trapped damp does far more harm than sometimes getting wet and drying out. If it's not going to be used, I smear my shiny bits with grease (oo er missus) and spray some chain lube on the bits I don't want surface rust, like track rods, half shafts etc. Great advice about (not) parking on grass AndyTV8. I suppose you could park it on a tarp? Parking under trees has its own problems too at any time of year.
  11. I've only got a couple of pics because my son's just sent me them from a scrapyard he's been to today. I'm not sure where, but he works at John Newman Bodyworks nr Bedford so probably not far from there. Govt site says it's not been taxed since 1985!...but that rear bumper has lasted well if that's the case. Half decent hardtop too. Anyway if she was ever yours, this is where she's hiding.
  12. I don't know about cars but on bikes, backfiring is usually a leaky exhaust, or most often not enough baffles on aftermarket exhausts. You only get a backfire in the presence of oxygen, it's getting in somehow. Can someone explain to me why a lean mixture is often suggested? I'd have thought unburnt fuel was the issue and too rich would be the cause...unless being too lean means it doesn't combust properly.
  13. ShaunW

    Late GT6 Mk3

    Running out of petrol would have been an inconvenience, instead we've had the actual doomsday scenario of petrol not running out. For decades now I've single-handedly tried to use all of the remaining oil and petrol, to try and save the planet.😉
  14. ShaunW

    Buying a Car

    ... Sorry I just read you've got a tame mechanic, ignore that but about driving around a few. Hood fit looks as good as it gets. The gap is for ventilation, to help dry it out when it leaks! Tbf they're more watertight than they look unless you get a lot of rain at a certain angle. I had a newish one in early 80s, it fitted much like yours, and I don't remember having to cover it up when it rained. If on doubt leave an old towel at the door bottom, it'll only be a few drips rather than gallons.
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