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MkIII Rotoflex rear radius arm mountings


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Hi Steve and Clive. Thanks for the input. Think we’re all confused !


I’m looking for the REAR mounting bracket assembly for the radius arms on to the rear vertical link. It’s basically a bracket welded to a long bolt. The bolt goes through the vertical link and the other end protrudes to become the lower shock absorber mount - I think !  So the thing you’ve shown me Steve is the chassis mount for the lower wishbone I think and the one you’ve illustrated Clive is the FRONT (chassis) mount for the radius arm. Does that make sense ?


hope that clarifies. 

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148975, 148976. 

Looks to be unavailable. You may get lucky. You could try Nick Jones, he may have some rotoflex odds and ends. Or ring Moss? they have loads of stuff that isn't listed.

If all else fails, make the brackets? Or get them made. I had to repair mine as they had been butchered by a previous owner with a grinder (removing a seized radius arm bolt I reckon)

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