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Lucas dizzy vernier timing adjuster


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I think this recommendation is to ensure that the spark jumps between rotor arm and dsitributor cap pin while the two are correctly aligned. If you wind on a lot of clicks it could cause misalignment here so if theres that much adjustment needed its better to slacken off the dizzy and rotate the whole thing.

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I think the vernier is for fine adjustment only. When setting the timing with a strobe light you should loosen the clamp and turn the distributor body. Then clamp and check again. The vernier only use for fine adjustments after would probably not need to be adjusted more than a few clicks. 

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the 6 clicks idea comes from the timing being set correctly but a few clicks were possible to fine adjust to suit local fuel octanes

6 clicks is making a very small change  not looked it up but around 1 full turn gives 2 deg ?? , thereabouts.

all these twiddle devices disappeared when tamper proofed emissions where introduced   late 70s and 80s whhen idle and mixtues were sort of sealed to prevent owner twiddling



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