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Servo vacuum


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Hi guys, merry Christmas to you all, managed to squeeze a servo on the bulkhead of my Gt6, I run an oil catch can with a pipe off the rocker cover to the can, then a pipe to the inlet manifold with a PCV valve fitted. Where do I connect the vacuum pipe to the servo? Before or after the valve. 




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No, Pete's terminology was perhaps confusing but "engine side" refers to the working bits - i.e. the manifold - not the incidentals like crankcase breathing. You need vacuum for the brake servo - the manifold produces vacuum, the PCV (pressure control valve) limits that vacuum so that the breather sees only a very tiny bit. So your servo pipe must be tee'd off between the PCV and the manifold. IF the bolt head on the balance pipe at the front carb is a plug, you could change that to a tapping and run the brake servo off there, instead.

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Hi, thats what I had assumed was correct but was just checking The bolt is a plug from a previous owner who used this instead of the one in the centre for a basic one pipe catchment open can, no idea why. I will go with reusing it for the servo. Thanks for all your help. 



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