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Harmless hole in engine block?


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Over t'Pond , on the Triumph Experience,  a Dutchman, Roland Beernink, has posted about a hold he has found in the front of his GT6 block.   Here's his pic>


And a link to the thread: https://www.triumphexp.com/phorum/read.php?8,1587290

Several people, inc. me, have found no such hole in their spare blocks, but no boss around where it is either.     But my manuals do show it in engine diagrams.

I think the hole is a casting defect, but can't think what that boss is for.     Surely someone here will know!


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Guess in its location if it was holed its on the splash side of the oily stuff, not in a pressure gallery

Odd its machined off flat , its had a planned purpose sometime in the evolution of the engines but as to what in that position 

Is not a simple explanation I can think of.


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I've had a dig through my photos of Tessa's engine rebuild but I only have front of the new block, not the old, so I can't say whether they were different. The new one doesn't have the boss there. The reason I would like to have been able to check the old is that Tessa is an early Mk1 and the old block was pre-HC5000. The Mk1 2L engine changed in LOTS of subtle ways, including a new block casting, at that point. I wonder whether that boss was for something really early - maybe only used on Standard Vanguard engines, even - and got deleted in that update.

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I think that’s a very early, small journal block. Not common.

Hole doesn’t look like a problem to me. It’s either just a void or goes through to the open crankcase area and is easily sealed by the front plate gasket.

would have a careful poke at it to see where it goes anyway

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