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Jaeger Instruments from Bond GT4S


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I have recently brought a dash board complete with instruments from a  Bond GT4S.
Never realised that the layout was different from the Vitesse with the fuel and temp gauge on the left of the speedo...

The plan is to put this matching set into my Herald. I plan to convert the mechanical rev counter into an electronic one (change the internals and drive it direct from the Megasquirt) and get the speedo recalibrated.

I have a few questions. :)

The fuel gauge looks like it isn't driven from a  voltage regulator, is it still a hot wire gauge and how different is the calibration from a late regulated one? The Bond GT4S was, I think,  based on the early spitfire was the wiring the same?

I am sure I have seen a list of the serial numbers and code numbers from Smiths gauges but cant find it! Anyone got any links I want to see what the difference is between my existing speedo (Smiths SN 6202/00A code 1216) and the Jaeger on SN 6121/16A code 1248.

Were Jaeger gauges made by Smiths or a separate company.

I don't want the dash board, which needs reconditioning, or the switches. If anyone is interested in them let me know.






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both made by smiths   just the print on the dial changed the names and  the font  etc  there never has been a non stabilised  hot wire smiths made gauge 

the only non stab are moving iron with two coils    https://www.smiths-instruments.co.uk/

sorry i dont have any contacts there now but you can ring them .



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