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Head gasket... metal side down?


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i am ready to start reassembling.... the head is skimmed and new exhaust valves seats and guides. 

The new head gasket is silver metal on one side and black on the other. My question now is which way round to fit it ? Metal side down ?  Also does it need any kind of sealant? 

Also I am having difficulty finding new washers for under the head nuts... the ones supplied are the wrong size! And other suppliers have said they have been on back order since before Christmas... any suggestions?  Can I re use the old ones?(two were slightly dished) 









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No to reusing the washers, well not the damaged ones.

are the new ones you got the correct hardened ones? If so a slight size difference may be OK.

I assumes it is not a tabbed gasket as that will only go one way round.

a bare smear of sealant round the oilway may be prudent.

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The washers were thicker and did not fit on the studs... only by the smallest of margins.  Gasket will fit equally well either way up but is suspect that there is a "correct" way. 

Thanks for suggestion about the the smear of sealant . 

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If its important it will be marked  top.

Two thoughts the head pants around so you have a metal surface to allow it..???   Or the black grips the head and any shuffle is against the block.

Theres no ref in the manuals .     So head or tails rule

Ring the manufacturer????  Let us all know 


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if he thinks the block expands  he needs to look at the head ...they are very mobile despite all the studs   heads  pant.... blocks dont 

good to know thats sorted    thanks 

so the black grips the head and any panting is allowed between gasket and block face  being more stable 

do fit it dry, with a slight film of sealer along the tappet chest side and a smear around the rocker oil feed hole 


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