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Overdrive mounting bracket. Spitfire mk3


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Hi Guys,

The rear mounting for my D type overdrive unit is not the same as the one Rimmer's or Canley's sell and I was wondering if there was another version made originally? The unit sold by the above companies is a one piece mounting and has the chassis mounting plate bolt holes directly below the  overdrive flange bolt holes whereas mine is a two piece mounting with the chassis plate mounting holes offset rearwards. Although the unit is fitted to a Mk3 Spitfire I actually found it on an earlier mark in a scrapyard many years ago. I enclose a couple of photographs of my two piece mounting. I was wondering if it was transferred from some other application. Any ideas?







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15 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

well done Clive , i did a good scout around including other makes  so i now withdraw  my waffle 

Good bit of sherlock mode, 

My 64 vit parts list shows the normal expected  one  , so they have been around a good few years, but obviously not spitty.



Pete, I thought they were quite common. Certainly 25-30 years ago when I used to buy basket cases for £50 as spares cars. Idismantled quite a few, but most of teh D type boxes had that mount. I didn't do many vitesses, mainly spitfires and dare I say it, GT6's.... (last GT6 I had was a mk1. £25)

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3 hours ago, SpitfireGeorge said:

Thanks Guys,

Thought somebody would know. I looked at both Rimmers and Canleys and could not find it! I will order the bottom half as the rubber is quite soft.





You won't find the 2 piece type, or part of, anywhere unless you get lucky at an autojumble. (never seen a new on in 30 years)

The one piece, later type is the only one available. You may need to drill new mounting holes.

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