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Gt6 chassis


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Which GT6 do you have? If a very late mk3 without rotoflex, then yes. Check radiator mounts, they may need swapping but that is all.

If a mk3 with rotoflex, you will need to add the lower wishbone brackets, and possibly remove the chassis handbrake cable guides. Again not difficult.

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If you mean a late spit chassis, they are 95% the same.

4 things from memory. 

1. The rotoflex brackets, but available new. 

2. Bonnet attachment bracketry. Possibly still available new, otherwise cut off your old chassis or another donor.

3. Radiator brackets.

4. The rotoflex chasss doesn't have handbrake cable guides, so they can be removed from the spitfire chassis

Remember the front suspension turrets (which bolt onto the chassis) are different too.

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If the Spitfire MKIV chassis is genuinely a MKIV and not a 1500 chassis then the minor differences are as Clive has detailed.

If the chassis is actually a 1500 Spitfire chassis, then there is also a "cutout" in the nearside chassis rail to clear the exhaust pipe as it I if using such a chassis with a 6cyl engine, I would weld in some metal to reinforce the chassis at this point as the 6cyl engine is an awful lot heavier than the 4cyl engine.

If continuing to use the Rotoflex couplings, then I believe that the chassis handbrake guides will need to be removed as they will obstruct the cable that is routed via brackets on the body tub.  If converting to CV joints, then I think the problem goes away and you can use the Spitfire chassis brackets with a Spitfire handbrake cable.  Clive or others may be able to confirm as its a long time since I worked on this area of a Rotoflex GT6.


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