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Fuel Pipe Size

Darren Groves

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Teflon/ptfe pipes would be much easier to route along and thro the chassis outriggers esp if the body is attached, Ask how I know, I didn't put the pipes in until after I mounted the body on the Vitesse chassis, there's not a lot of space between the chassis & footwells.

Remember if you use plastic/nylon type pipes you need an internal thimble/sleeve up the pipe where you fit the rubber hose and clip, the Teflon pipe will compress & leak with time if it isn't supported ie stopping it swaging in.

Spits are gravity feed from the tank ie if you lower the hose at the engine mounted mech pump it continues to run by gravity where as the Herald/Vitesse sucks the fuel out of the tank thro the top ie won't drain (unless its created a syphon), ie the pump has to work /suck harder.

Usual reticulated water pump specs have the suction one size larger than delivery, ie 6in suction and 4in delivery, pumps don't like sucking.

I will someday convert all my Trumpies to elect fuel pumps located next to the fuel tank, so suction pipe is minimal and the long pipe length is on the delivery.


Peter T

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