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Centering Vitesse Steering Rack

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Hi all

Re-cheked the rack position today as I am trying to get all four wheels pointing in the same direction following the rebuild. I fitted solid mounts a few years ago so don't have the original brackets and rubber to set the rack in the original position. I measured between the front chassis rails and marked the centre point on the front cross member. I measured between the two plates welded on the rack to find the centre. Lined the marks up and clamped the rack down. Counted the turns left to right centred the steering and fitted the steering wheel. Both track rod ends are set with the same amount of exposed thread. Looking by eye and some basic measuring with string it looks like the passenger side is towing out while the drivers side is straight ahead. 

Now wondering if the centre of the rack is between the two welded plates as it looks like the rack needs to move over to the drivers side a few mm. Any ideas.



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There is a dimension from the back of the spherical lock nut to the centre of the track rod end  257.43mm  both sides the same

The  length  of thread is not really an accurate assessment.

Set the   toe in with the  seats loaded  to 150 lbs,  and look  up toe in the simple way on here




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Depends on the age of the rack, but some have a centring hole in the rack bar. You simply remove the grease nipple or blanking plug and poke a drill bit through (3/16” iirc) . Keep light pressure on the drill bit and move the rack until you feel it drop in.

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