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Best Underseal & bulk head opinions

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Looking for suggestions and opinions on what underseal to use on Chassis/Body. I have stripped my spitfire down, tub off the chassis and in the process of taking it back to metal. Seeing so many different brands / types available so just wandering what people have used as their underseal and what results you have had in the long term.

Also any opinion on what to do with the the bulk head as when i brought the car the previous owner had applied underseal on top of the paint which looked awful but i suppose done a job to protect against the spray from front wheels. Someone has suggested a spray sealer (stone chip type effect) and then top coat on top.

My first classic project so want to do best job i can in preserving it so it can stay on the road for many years to come!

Thanks in advance!

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Having scraped a load of ancient underseal off both body and chassis of my Herald, and seen the damage that it has wrought by trapping moisture between the underseal and the metal, I would avoid it like the plague.

I think stone chip has its place in areas such as wheel wells which can come in for a lot of punishment, but elsewhere I would be inclined to go for a decent epoxy mastic, which is what I’m doing, followed by a top coat and regular coatings of a clear protective wax which will let you see any damage that needs attention, while providing protection.

I’m in the same boat as you with this being my first restoration, so wanting to do as good a job as I can.


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Thanks for the response Karl...im having the same issue finding all the crap that the underseal was used to hide 😠 

I think the stone chip leaves a really nice finish so i may use it for the bottom half of the bilk head aswell as underneath.

Not sure wat to do with the chassis tho to be honest...dunno if i wonna just hammerite to be honest.

Good luck with the resto 👍

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