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Intermitent Starter


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Hi all,

Here's a mystery for you, every now and again the starter key switch will not engage the starter motor. Not every time but I'd say more often than not nothing happens. At first I thought the barrel key switch was knackered so I bought a new one and it appeared to fix the fault for as day before it started to play up again.

The battery is fine, ignition lights up, there is no 'clunk' or evidence of the starter is even trying to move, just nothing. Thankfully it's the push button type of solenoid and that works 100% of the time to start the car. I suspect the solenoid but I would have thought if that did fail, it would just stop working full stop and not intermitently?

Any ideas?

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Solenoid coils can fail,  the sol case also needs a good earth , 

If the sol is working a hand on it  feel a good kick  as it operates

If  the finger button  is  working its not sounding like corroded contacts  more the armature is not fully operating

Check the earthing  of  the case to body.  First job.

They are not the best things to strip, more likely mend to destruction


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