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Vitesse (also GT6 I think ?) Clutch master cylinder

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Hi. I have used a Landrover Defender one. Part no STC500100. (only about £10.00 off Ebay, inc postage), though I have not seen repair kits available for it?.

Fits straight on. Also helped a lot with my minimum pedal travel, at the expense of a slightly more effort needed.


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Theres a number of landy parts from  factors or fleabay that are close tom the parts we need and most landy stuff is lacking

  silly markup prices   just  watch the costs and daft supposed  upgrade statements  hydraulic cylinder diameter changes will raise pedal loads  or increase slave travel  theres no upgrade  just its  different 

Put a cheap   3/4 to replace a  0.7 and its close  ,  but   fit to  a   0.625"  will be detrimental to  brake pressures 


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