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Starting problem


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Turn on the ignition and open the points with an insulated screwdriver, you should get a spark between the points. If not you've put something back wrong, is the insulating piece in? Are you getting voltage to the distributor? Let us know!

Damn you Lewis, one step ahead of me again! :angry:



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Hi, Just a quick up-date.

I took the points out and the low-tension wire had come unsoldered/seperated from the points. Resoldered it and put it all back together and the car fired up first time.

I thought it would be something stupid.

I'm still wanting to fit the electronic ignition but i'll save that for another day.


Thanks for you're help, until the next problem, Steve

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bear in mind some electronic units dont like the ballasted ign feed at around 6v  and with a poor battery can be below that and they dont work well 

most have a operational range of 6 to 18v  on ballast its easy to fall below that  on a cold day

whilst it does get the 12v boost when cranking its back to a dropped voltage ignition  On .

many by pass and fit a 3 ohm coil or have a seperate 12v ign feed to just the unit 

dont feed a 1.5 ohm ballast coil with a bypassed 12v it will fry things 



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