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Chassis and underbody paint

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I'm cracking on with my 65 Herald chassis and rear tub, cutting rot and and welding in new steel. I intend to clean as much of the old paint and nasty underseal as possible but will not be getting to a perfect bare metal finish, it will have a light coating of corrosion but nothing serious. I am not going for a show car, the car will be used but not on wet days and will not go near salty roads.

I have a big tin of zinc based primer which I'm sure will be worth putting on first so I just need a decent black chassis paint. Rimmers and Trgb sell Etech satin black chassis paint for 12.95 ( 500ml ) which seems good value?

Any ideas?

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9 minutes ago, ahebron said:

What about what the Americans call truck bed liner.

Seems to be a miracle paint if the claims people make are to be believed.

POR15 is great if everything is perfect during the painting process.

Just finished POR 15 on my Vitesse towbar , 3 coats applied with a brush 



nb I use the syringe for the POR as pouring will mean paint on the tin lip meaning the lid will never open again , got the T shirt 

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12 minutes ago, ahebron said:

POR15 is great if everything is perfect during the painting process.

POR15 is no good at all on bright new metal, it just doesn't stick. But if the metal is as the OP describes, ie got some surface rust that has been wire brushed back and maybe treated with phosphoric acid, it will be a nice slightly pitted surface that is ideal of POR15.

I did use por15 after using the "metal prep" (which is phosphoric acid) to paint a steel grating (fits flush with the pavement, stop people falling into a lightwell for a basement) about 12 years ago. That is still perfect.

Chassis paints, I recently bought some zinc rich chassis black, seems pretty good stuff...£25 delivered for 2 1/2litres. 


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