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Spitfire Mk 1 Fusebox

Neil Clark

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I've found that I've got a wiring loom that is certainly a recent replacement but retains the Mk1 layout.  I've found the fusebox (bit of a mission!).  Surely this can't be a feature that the original designers needed to be accessed regularly?  I think the car is negative earth (battery positive goes to coil positive).  The only updating of the car electrics appear to be an alternator, the Revotec fan I've just fitted and am about to connect, and the most complex sound system which makes no sense in a car like this and the wiring for which I intend to remove pronto.

My question is whether the fusebox does need accessing regularly, by ripping out the passenger shelf etc?  The Mk3 onwards has it on the bulkhead under the bonnet which must have been for a reason I suppose.  The radio has a separate fuse in its loom.


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