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Hi All
I am new to the site 
can you please tell me how I can find out the correct colour of my car as I need to do some touch ups to the paint work
some people are saying it is Damask Red but I bought a can and it is not the right colour
thank you

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Amanda .

the original paint factory code is on the commission plate   has the chassis number  followed by paint and trim codes normally on

the passenger side of the bulkhead,,,   ie open bonnet   down by the bonet latch   if its herald   vitesse    spitty or GT6 

but what car is this  for  ???

welcome to the forum but a few clues would aid any response   we dont know what car you have , 

i would make a post in bodywork for a wider  response  (  see the posting sections on the right side of the screen)  

do you know of any re spray history ,  ???  and if you have a automotive paint factors anywhere near you some can scan you paint and make up a perfect match 



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Not sure what model you have, but all will (unless removed and not replace during past bodywork) have a commission plate which includes the identifier for the type of car, it’s body colour and trim colour.

Rimmer Bros have a good summary of Triumph models and paint code numbers/names here:


if not painted an original colour (or very faded) you can ask a paint/body shop to scan the paint to try and get a good match.

...... Andy 

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You have a red car?    Reds are notorious for fading, so that now your car won't match paint that would have been a perfect match when it left the factory.

Halfords will mix you a paint to match, but they do to 'manaufacturers paint code', which will give you what you have already.     Talk to them, and ask them if they can mix a 'faded' version.

Professional car sprayers can do the same.   Few will be able to supply you with an aerosol can of the right mix, but they do exist, eg https://www.carcolourservices.co.uk/the-colour-matching-process/

Good luck!   And post a picture of the result, for us to admire!


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Hello Amanda,

My Spitfire is Damask. It's not an original Triumph colour (it's a BMC one) but it's very close to Triumph Damson... at least one version thereof. That would be code 17 on the commission plate. But as others have said, reds fade, so it's unlikely to be a perfect match.

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