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Spitfire 1500 Semi sport exhaust fitting


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My 1979 Spitfire 1500 needs a new exhaust and I want to open it up slightly and get a nice tone without it being too noisy or racey looking. The semi sport system that the club shop offers seems to fit the bill but I would much rather use a 4-2-1 s/s manifold instead of the awful cast iron one. The problem is that the s/s manifold from the shop is not directly compatible with the bell semi-sport system apparently. It needs some fettling. Has anyone done this and if so what would it require? Otherwise are there any other suggestions? I see that Rimmer Bros do a sports system with single back box and manifold which seems close. Unfortunately it is £700! Thankx

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Canley Classics do, or did, a very good single box exhaust. Efficient and not daftly loud. Also sell manifolds etc, or ask them for advice (though I think they are not answering phones at present, so an email may work)

Worth noting Dave (owner) has a good reputation for selling "as good as it gets" parts, many he has made locally to his specification. 

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Pmus44, wise words there from Doug. Sportier exhausts are like marriage and the old phrase - marry in haste, repent at leisure. I bought a so-called sports exhaust back in 1989 which was described as "not too loud". Absolute rubbish - it was waaay too loud. Never forget, the person trying to sell you something will always try and put it in a good light and a subjective description gives them free rein. Also, car manufacturers spend thousands and thousands designing exhausts and other things which make up your car - do you think after market johnnies spend as much?

However, Clive is right to say that Canley Classics are well regarded. Even so, and as I've said before so many times I sound like a stuck record, different people perceive sound differently.One man's "refined sporty note" is another man's "too loud man, too loud!!"

I think the only way to buy a different, sportier exhaust for your car, is either assume you'll need ear plugs, or hear it first. Get along to your local group (which you can't do right now) and see who's got what and ask for a ride so as to hear the exhaust you're thinking of buying. Most owners will be only too delighted to give you a spin!

Sorry to sound like a cynical Moaning Minnie, but I've been their and got the tee shirt.

Cheers, Richard


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