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Headlamp trims


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Can anyone tell me how to fit the screw that holds the chrome headlamp trim in place on an early Spitfire please ?  There's certainly not enough room for a screwdriver.

Thanks, Alun. 

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2 hours ago, NonMember said:

The headlamp rim on early Spitfires just snaps on.

That's certainly true, but I remember my Spitfire came with one trim that had a screw and I found that the only way I could fit it was to tighten the screw as much as I could with it pointing sideways and then rotating the trim until the screw was underneath and in contact with the flange on the headlight rim. Maybe it was from a Mini?


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49 minutes ago, Adrian Cooper said:

Maybe it was from a Mini?

Most likely. It's another of those areas where the reproduction parts vendors don't care about the details and will take a Mini headlamp ring and market it as the one for any other car with 7" headlights and chrome rings. But the proper ones are out there if you look, or buy from a reputable specialist.

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a lot of cars of the day  had a pop on rim with a  not central/ slightly offset screw hole and small spire nut in the tin hat for the screw

you can see the small bracket and spire nut on item 9 but no screw is listed 



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 The same problem exists on the Vitesse when removing/refitting the headlamp bezels. I use a right angled screwdriver - it's double ended with a Phillips no 2 size on one end and a flat tip at the other. Makes it easy to get on the screw head square.


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