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West Cumbria Car Spares.


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Hello, I realise this is of no use to the majority of our members, but may be of interest to anyone within driving distance of West Cumbria. It's sad news unfortunately, Walkingshaws Car World at Lillyhall has only just reopened and is now facing closure within the next few weeks. It's a real shame, they keep a brilliant range of spares -everything from antifreeze to zip ties- and the guy who works there, Jim, is an absolute diamond,  he couldn't be more helpful. It really is a crying shame. Everything is 25% off at present.

( I have no connection with the business other than being a customer of them for 49 years... )

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Cheaper than Halfords, too. I was in today for a bottle of touch-in paint, mixed as you wait and a perfect match. I don't know what it's like in the rest of the club areas but it'll certainly make minor jobs more of a parp, getting materials sorted here.

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