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Loose ground wire found


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I was replacing the voltage stablizer this afternoon to hopefully sort my over reading temp/fuel guages when i found this unattached ground.


Hoping for some help with where it is supposed to go. Car is a '72 Spit and it exits the main loom with all the speedometer/stablizer wires. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Simon,

I guess the obvious step is to connect it to earth and ascertain if there is any difference to instrument readings.

As it has a circular terminal, it is fair to say it is an earth wire.

A fly wire connected to that terminal and a good earth point will suffice to carry out the above test.




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I had my instrument misbehave a while ago, and when I started digging, found one of the thumb nuts on the speedo was loose, and that was te one with a few wire ring terminals. Tightened up and normal service resumed, luckily.

So yes, earth the cable, it may just be the stabiliser ground. But check the instrument nuts are all in place and tight.

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Thanks for the quick replies gents. I went with your theory Pete, as the wire was too short to go anywhere else really. My speedo only has the one fixing clamp and for the life in me i cant find a supplier who stocks them.

Changing the stabiliser with the speedo in-situ is a right pita btw. 

Will update my other thread soon with some pics as things have been a little strange for me these past few months. The car is up and running though and i have managed to put a few miles on the old girl.


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Simon are you missing the clamp or clamp and nut?

Drop me a PM with what you are missing and your address as I have some spares that I found in my ashtray, which I’m more than happy to share, Colin having done the same for me when I originally found mine were missing, and not looked in the ashtray!


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