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TR6 Rear lights - Newbie Question


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Good evening all, 

I have a question about the rear lights of the TR6.

As it stands when the lights switch is in either of it's "on" positions, the only lights that show on the rear of the car are the red lights on the very outside of the light unit as it wraps around the side of the car - they face more sideways than rearwards.

Pressing the brake pedal obviously lights up the brake lights.

Is that normal? Wiring diagrams suggest that it's right, but I've just not seen it before on a car I've owned.

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I would expect the number plate lights to come on, too.

Whether the tail lights should be that far outward, I'm not sure. I'd expect them to be the same segment as the brake lights, and for the outermost lights to be amber indicators, but that's for a UK car. If yours is a US re-import then it may have weird lights.

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Just looked at the photo of the car

You have US rear lights, the bits round the corners should be Amber, and do not as standard light up at all, even though they have a fitting no behnd them, as the main casting is the same for all models.

It is easy to give side rear indicators with the addition of 2 bulbs.

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