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Vitesse bump stop or not?

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Hi All

I am currently utilising a 13/60 tub in the restoration of my Mk2 Vitesse.

As I progress I am finding a number of differences between the two, one of which is the provision of bump stops for the rear suspension.

Looking at the parts manual it appears these were only fitted to rotoflex cars?

I notice there is also a large reinforcing plate (incorporating the seat belt anchor) fitted to the Vitesse which is not on the 13/60.

I am replicating the latter as I feel the 13/60 seat belt anchor point  requires as much help as I can provide, but the bump stop will be more difficult to fabricate as I do not a lot left from which to copy from the Vitesse!

What is the view as to the need for bump stops? I am guessing it is the leaf spring which comes into contact with the stop?

If the consensus is to provide them, can anyone provide pictures/dimensions for me to copy. Or does anyone know a source of remanufactured ones?

Many thanks to all.



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Hi Phil,

The Mk2 Vitesse was fitted with lever arm shocks to clear the rotoflex . So if your refitting lever arm shocks ( as per standard ) you should have two bump stops - one in the wheel arch and one on the chassis. The official workshop manual will probably help with locations/dims etc. You could try Canley Classics or Chic Doig for a bump stop/bracket.




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Heralds don't have explicit bump stops because they're incorporated into the shock absorber. If you have lever arm dampers, you need bump stops. Rotoflex GT6s also had top bump stops because the extra-long shockers never bottom out. If you use a conversion kit to fit short shockers on chassis extensions, you don't need the bump stops.

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As stated by Gav the Mk2 Vitesse had a bump stop for the end of the Leaf spring to contact on full bump because there is no stop on the Lever arm dampers on full bump only on full droop.

I'm afraid I  don't have any Photo's of the location, I know I had to repair mine as they are very prone to rusting, I'm sure someone on here posted some Photographs and queries on there Mk2 Vitesse with regards to repairs.

You will also find you will need to remove your Handbrake guides from your Mk2 rear tub and weld onto the Herald Tub, its well worth while reinforcing these with extra metal when you weld them in place, they have a habit of failing and pulling away from the tub due to Metal fatigue over time.



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Thanks all for your quick response. I didn't appreciate the bump stop is because of the lever arm damper 🤓

As can be seen from the photo I have already converted to telescopic shockers so can forget the bumps stops. That has saved some work 😂

2 hours ago, Gary Flinn said:

need to remove your Handbrake guides from your Mk2

Already done Gary but thanks for the tip!


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