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vitesse Mk1 rapid tickover !!


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HI, I have just replaced a missing stud that holds the rocker cover on. For some reason one was missing and had been replaced with a long bolt. After replacing the the stud and rocker cover I took it for a drive to check for any leaks from the gasket, my car drove completely differently from normal, the ticker was about 1200 rpm the acceleration seemed much quicker and engaging second gear was harder as the revs were slow in dropping.

On lifting the bonnet to see what was wrong I saw that I had not replaced the hose from the rocker cover to the breather. As soon as I put the hose on the revs dropped to normal.

My question is, is this normal and why??

Thanks in advance to anyone who can explain what happened. Bob

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First off, the bolt instead of a stud... was it the front one? This was normal fitment on some Vitesses and GT6s because the stud could catch on the bonnet. I don't know if it was ever "official" but seems to have been normal.

Anyway, high idle with the breather hose off. Yes, that's expected. The Smiths valve restricts the flow to maintain a small depression in the breather system. With the whole lot properly connected there's little opportunity for flow into the crank case (just the blow-by gasses) so it doesn't take much flow to get that depression. Also, a lot of the flow you get is inert, so the air/fuel quantity is unaffected. With the hose off, there's a whole world of fresh air available, and quite a bit of extra air flows in, hence the idle speed is raised.

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The bolt was nearest to the bulkhead. I have fitted a aluminium rocker cover and the nuts  fit inside the holes in the cover which is why I replaced the bolt with the stud. It seems to have worked ok.

I used to have a Vitesse 6 which did not have the valve, just an open breather on the side of the engine. It is probably just my imagination, but it seemed much livelier with the hose off !!

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15 hours ago, 68vitesse said:

My Vitesse 2L Mk1 three studs but aluminium rocker cover with s/s acorn nuts on the studs.

Three studs fitted to 1600 and 2L up to and including HC2987E then two studs and a bolt according to WSM.



Yep........my '68 Mk1 is the same as Paul's, three studs with acorn nuts.



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