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Vitesse 1600/6 Engine Valances

martyn wright

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well ias they are handed  ........ wont go filter side   

there are   3  part numbers in the olde parts list 

RH 806607 RH upto HB26149   and 808954  from HB 26150

LH only shows one  806606  , i would have expected that to change with the intro of Strombergs but , nothing listed 

and no idea whats louvred my 64   HB19403 was but they got binned with heat from the 631 and whatever 



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1 hour ago, johny said:

The 2L definitely has louvres on the carb side (RH?) valance but not sure if the other side has them as well....

My '68 2 Litre has louvres on the driver's side and no louvres on the passenger side, and I've no reason to think that this isn't the standard OE set up. Louvres make sense on the driver's side, as they allow airflow away from the exhaust and inlet manifolds, and hence reduce heat in this area to prevent issues like fuel vaporisation. There isn't any obvious reason for louvres on the passenger side that I can think of.


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Hi Martyn,

I hope you don’t have the same problem I had with my GT6. I have the original air filter box and the (louvred) side panel was too tall.

I had to cut a 1” slot off the panel under the filter and put in a bracing piece to stop the panel flopping about. I put a rubber finishing strip along the top of the cut which wasn’t really necessary, because you can’t see it under the box.

Some time later I discovered the rubber strip flattened, the engine swinging about was making the air box whack the rubber! 😱

I had allowed 1/2” gap under the air box which was reduced by the rubber. 3/4” would have been better. 


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Hi All!  Found some old photos and low and behold it had the "Louvered" side on the Carb side and plain on the oil filter side.  This 1600/6 is the last of the 1600/6s(July) as they changed to a 2 Litre in the September 1966.  Mine has a bit of everything!!


Cheers Martyn

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The left hand valance was the same through production of the Vitesse. However, the right hand side did change at engine number HB26150 on the Vitesse 6. This change was made when the the rad was changed to allow the removal of the header tank and the fitment of an overflow bottle. The main purpose for these changes was to facilitate the fitment of the Stromberg carbs at engine number HB27986, mid to late 1965.

The louvres are on the manifold side on.


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